Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1

So it's about 9 pm on the first day of the Ejuva cleanse, and I have to say I am EXHAUSTED. More about my day in a minute... but first I wanted to reiterate why I'm writing this blog.

If you know me at all you know I research EVERYTHING before buying it, using it, believing it, trusting it, etc etc. And when this cleanse was brought to my attention I did a TON of searching for other people's experience with it, and I found some super weird blogs... nothing I really related to. So I decided to do my own blog about the Ejuva cleanse, for people who are interested in detoxing, or are researching this product. I haven't quite yet decided how detailed I'm going to get here, I'll see how it goes. Not trying to gross anyone out. :-)

Okay so first let me tell you what comes in the kit. Three herb formulations: called Renew, Power, and Balance. Renew is designed to rid the body of toxins, parasites, and yeast organisms, and regenerate the cells of the intestinal tract. Power is designed to break up the waste material in the colon, rid the body of hardened mucoid layers (the crap that sticks to the sides of your intestines. yum.) and clear the lymph system of impurities. Because the combination of these two formulations can take a toll on the body, the Balance formulation was designed to restore energy in the body, and help the body experience vitality and harmony. Basically the amount you take of these three tablets can be altered at any time, depending on how you are feeling.

Also included in the kit is the Combi shake, which is made from Psyllium seed husk, Slippery Elm, Flax seed meal and chia seeds. It looks like ground up shredded wheat. You mix it with water or juice and take it half hour after the herbs on an empty stomach. It too is meant to clear out the mucoid waste in the colon. Also in the shake you mix in 3 pinches of MoFlora, which are probiotics to replace what is lost in the cleansing process.

You also get a bottle of Vibram, which is aromatherapy designed to calm your nerves and emotions during the cleansing process. Or they recommend putting some drops in the bath each night. It smells yummy and soothing.

As far as diet, Ejuva recommends a raw, vegan, alkaline diet with no caffeine, and no alcohol, no processed foods, and no added sugar. I'm following this loosely, and eating vegan, mostly alkaline - it's hard because online there are many conflicting reports on what is and is not alkaline. So basically I'm eating veggies and fruit, unsweetened juice, sprouted bread, nuts and other various foods. Organic honey = yes. Coffee with cream and sugar = no. Almond milk = yes. Pizza = no...

Okay, so about my day. First of all I started this cleanse on a road trip. Stupid. Jordan and I drove from Phoenix to Albuquerque today... he is moving to Albuquerque for work for a year, so we drove with all his belongings in the car, with a uhaul trailer attached. This morning we made a special trip to Sprouts in Phoenix to get my food for the day, as eating clean on the road is near impossible. Not five minutes after we get on the freeway the tire on the uhaul busts and we are stuck on the side of the road in 102 degree weather. Not cool. ESPECIALLY not cool when I haven't had any coffee. I was cranky. A little.

Before all that I took 2 tablets of each formulation, followed a half hour later with the Combi and MoFlora mixture. Half hour later was breakfast: carrots and hummus, a nectarine, and some blistered almonds (they recommend you eat nuts without the skin because they are easier to digest... I got the blistered almonds at the Farmers' Market last weekend). An hour later (while waiting for the tow truck guy to fix our tire) I had some unsweetened green tea (trying to get SOME sort of caffeinated product into my bloodstream!) and a pear. Lunch consisted of an avocado and hummus sandwich with two pieces of sprouted bread, and some blackberries.

I snacked on more blistered almonds, pomegranate juice and more carrots and hummus. Dinner was a salad from Whole Foods (which I know will be my new BFF in the next month because of all the healthy choices there) made with greens, beets, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, tofu and olive oil and vinegar. I picked up some groceries for tomorrow to make my life easier, including organic, filtered, apple juice to make the Combi go down a bit easier, as well as a vegan tomato soup, and almond butter.

After dinner I had a banana with almond butter and honey. And after I sign off here I'm going to have a bath with the Vibram.

Throughout the day I felt a little lethargic, and I had a dull headache all day which I recognized as being caffeine withdrawal. My stomach felt super gargly and bloated, and I went to the bathroom several times. I need to change the formulation combination for tomorrow because I'm thinking I'm not supposed to feel icky like I do. But also I think it could be the heat I'm not used to... plus the fact I was in a car for 8 hours straight.

I'm hopeful tomorrow will be an easier day. Just gotta get over not having coffee! It hurts!

More tomorrow hopefully.

Oh, one more thing. Last time I weighed myself (about 2 weeks ago) I was 128. That's heavy for me so I may not be still 128 (I've been working out a lot in the last few weeks) but that is a my starting point for this cleanse.

xo xo

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