Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2

So I woke up with no headache, which was awesome. I got up and took my tablets right away, and upped the dose on the Balance tablet to keep me from running to the bathroom every couple of hours. It was tough swallowing the tablets, for some reason they were making me gag. Half hour later I mixed the Combi shake with apple juice... and it is MUCH better with juice than water. So that went down pretty well.

I found sprouted whole grain cereal at Whole Foods last night, and I was SUPER stoked to have that for breakfast with some almond milk. It actually felt like a real meal which was nice. I also had some green tea and a banana a little later.

Midday my caffeine headache came back. I felt pretty tired at that point, plus we were running around all day doing errands, lifting stuff, etc. I snacked on blistered almonds and blueberries.

For lunch I had a baked potato with peppers, onions, and olives, with ketchup. I'm thinking ketchup is on the "no" list but I decided to have a little anyway. I also had a small side salad with olive oil and vinegar. I had a little unsweetened iced tea to try and dull the headache, but to no avail. The headache is really the worst part of this whole experience.

Here's a piece of advice... do not go to Costco while detoxing. You think those tester stations are irresistible when you can eat anything you want? Wait until you can't have ANYTHING they are taste testing. It is soooo depressing. I finally found one station where the little old lady in her hairnet was serving up sliced watermelon.

I did find some fun snacks from Costco though... well, one is legit and the other is a glorified potato chip. The legit one are these packets of freeze dried fruit. Literally they have nothing else but strawberries, apples, and pears, in little snack packs. No preservatives, no sugar, no nothing. And they even retain some fiber in the drying process, which is good. The non-legit purchase were these "veggie straws" which looked to be a vegetable in some form, and the ingredients were pretty clean. But when I busted into the bag before we even got out of the parking lot, I quickly found they were nothing but a potato-chip-like-specimen. I had a small handful before I started to feel guilty. But I let the guilt go because truthfully, my INTENTIONS were all good.

For dinner I had a mixed green salad with artichokes, hearts of palms, balsamic vinaigrette and a grilled portabello mushroom. I also tried out these "Marinated Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini" from Trader Joe's... which tasted good but had canola oil on them, which upped the fat content, so I only had one slice of eggplant and one piece of zucchini. That will definitely be a splurge. Ha ha, imagine, grilled veggies are a SPLURGE!!!

I just took a long bath with the Vibram drops and now I'm going to have some fruit salad made up of watermelon, a nectarine and an apple.

Day 2 down, only 26 to go!

xo xo

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