Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 15

Okay so eating once a day sucks. It just does. Do you know much time you spend preparing, thinking about, getting ready for, and eating meals? A lot! So when that is not a part of your day, you suddenly have a ton of extra time! (Not to mention significantly fewer dishes to be washed!)

I worked out in the morning, and my energy was definitely lacking. When I got home I took my herbs/shake, and then headed to work. Around 1 o'clock I had my one meal, a big salad with veggies, a potato with walnut oil, and some edamame.

When I went back to work I had my herbs/shake, and then I had a massage, facial, and acupuncture until about 6:30. I've decided to start juicing now, because I think it's important to get the calories and have the energy. So I stopped by a little cafe that has fresh juice and I got a juice made with beets, carrots, apple and celery. Blech. Not tasty. How am I only going to drink juice for 7 days?!!? *tears*

Before bed I did some restorative yoga and took yet another round of herbs/shake.

Funny how much more time I had.

xo xo

PS. I have noticed a new side effect: my skin seems really oily over the last few days. Normally I have pretty clear and even skin, but I'm noticing an excess of oil and some acne. Not cool! But I expected it kind of.

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