Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 9

Travel day from hell. So last night while we were moving a couch, I threw my back out. I felt it as soon as it happened, and I knew it was bad. Really bad. Sleeping was terrible. I could hardly move from side to side and I had a hard time finding a comfortable position.

So we got up around 3:30 (about 3 hours of sleep), so I could be at the airport by 5:50 for my flight to SFO, where I would connect to SBA. I had a banana in the airport (around 5 am) so I could have something in my stomach to handle FOUR advil. I knew I would be even more miserable if I didn't take anything to help the inflammation in my back. I decided not to take the herbs and shake until I got home (which was supposed to be at 10 am) because of the need to use the bathroom so urgently. Maneuvering around an airplane/airport is hard enough, let alone with a tweaked back and an urgent need to crap. ha ha

Anyway long story short I got bumped off my connecting flight because an earlier flight was canceled and so all the standby spots were then accounted for on my flight. The only option was to drive the 5.5 hours down the 101, even though renting a car was retardedly expensive. The thought of driving that long with my back killing and on so little sleep really put me over the edge, but I decided to stick with the detox (good thing I carried on the kit, as my luggage was still on the plane to SB). So I took my herbs with an apple juice from the airport before I got in the car, and then a couple hours later I took the shake mixed with Mango Madness Naked Juice shake from Starbucks. Right after (I didn't wait the half hour) I ate some cereal I had packed with a banana, with vanilla soy milk from Starbucks (I know it wasn't a good choice, but really my only option). Immediately after eating I had to use the bathroom. Good thing I was still at the coffee shop.

When I rolled into town around 5:30, I ate a yummy salad from Lazy Acres with tofu, sprouts, artichokes, garlic, beets and mushrooms. Two hours later I did the herb/shake combo again. I am exhausted. Completely drained. I'm calling it an early night tonight.

Okay, so the silver lining on the day from hell... when I got home I got on the scale... and I've lost two pounds!! Almost 2.5 :-)

I'm pretty proud of myself that I still stuck with it today, when I was so stressed out. I have no groceries and I plan on hitting up the farmer's market and Whole Foods first thing tomorrow!!

xo xo

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